(New starter) Help/advice with overclocking R5 1600 & GTX 1060

Mar 2, 2018

Please find the below spec I have recently purchased.

- ASrock B350 Pro4
- Corsair 2x4GB @ 3000Mhz
- GTX 1060 6GB xtreme edition
- Ryzen 5 1600
- 3 SPCorsair 120mm cooling fans
- Stock cooler being used

Now; in terms of OC'ing the above setup, what would you recommend? I am completely new at this and I’m looking at OC'ing the CPU to something which will push it, but not too the edge. Possibly 3.8Ghz? What else would I need to adjust to achieve this? Obviously the power, but what too? 1.3? 1.32? 1.35?!!!!!

Also, in regards to the GPU, how would I OC this and what too? As mentioned before, I don’t want to overheat anything, just a nice/stable OC.

Ta in advance!
I would set the voltage to 1.3V and raise the mhz 100 at a time and see what temps you get and where stability falls off. It depends what temps you get but I think they will be to high much above 1.3V on the stock cooler.
Mar 2, 2018
I will go to 3.8GHZ if I am honest.

Would you adjust this via the BIOS or AMD Ryzen Master? Ryzen Master appears a lot easier to use.


Nov 26, 2017
i spend 4 hours testing 3.9-3.95 with different Voltage:
- 3.925 @ 1.325v failed
- 3.925 @ 1.3375 Solid 72°c max Temp. Screen: https://imgur.com/jMv3xC7
- 3.900 @ 1.3250 Solid 72°c max Temp Screen: https://imgur.com/R46hOTk
- 3.950 @ 1.375 or 1.350v should be fine.
**** all tests are done with AIDA64 ( 30 mins is enough i guess ) ***

to answer you, yes am not going to push it to the max and waste my CPU lifetime for just 100Mhz, just making some tests and i think i am happy with 3.900 @ 1.325v with 72° but i just play some games which are 70% CPU usage max at 65°c. i will lower to 3.8 / 3.85 @ 1.3v / 1.3125 if i get Temp problems or summer comes out because i live in hot country. or i will add more fans and test it.

for conclusion i think ryzen CPUs are very strong and runs safe at 3.9Ghz with 1.3250v at least this is what i have, compaired to what i see in Forums or Youtube they push to 1.4v for 3.9Ghz.

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