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Feb 24, 2011
Hello all
I am looking to validate my current selection of items for future gaming rig. I am mostly buying in the next 48 hours, US based.

My monitor runs at 1980x1080

I think my rig is fairly solid based on a great deal of research (mainly from here) but I would like to run it by you guys and get your opinion.

Current List:

Msi 560 ti Frozr
Asrock motherboard 870 extreme
4 gb of g skill
850 w XFX PSU
1 TB Samsung HD

Hyper 212 CPU cooler

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban

I am hoping to build a system that will handle BF3 and also be able to SLI if needed to accomplish this task.

I was looking at other PSU’s but it is hard to pass up on the price for the XFX.

I am hoping to keep my budget around 950.00.

I will also be buying Windows 7 for my system and I will be using my current ATX case.

I am more concerned about motherboard selection with dual card capability and good overclocking for less than a 100.00 dollars if possible.

Thanks for putting up with my noobie-ness 
No render encode hit a 2GB HD 6950 crossfire capable config ^^


HD6950 CF Toms,2818-22.html
But wait, there’s more. What about the Radeon HD 6900s in CrossFire? After all, AMD claims to have made some notable improvements to its scaling.
You’re only going to buy two high-end graphics cards if you’re running at the top resolutions with visual details maxed out. That’s where the 2 GB frame buffers featured on both 6900-series cards come in handy. In many cases, two $300 Radeon HD 6950s outperform a pair of $350 GeForce GTX 570s, saving you $100 total for better frame rates.


Feb 24, 2011
Thank You batchka!

I was already reconsidering my CPU to a 955 so this makes me feel much more comfortable with that choice. After I reviewed your suggestions I will not be a nervous wreck when I order.

I will also definitely be picking up a 6950 over the 560 ti. Great reference from Toms Hardware review.

Only one question;

In your opinion, will the quad core coupled with a crossfire of the 6950 be plenty enough to handle BF3?

I know the specs are still up in the air but I figured it was worth asking.

Thanks again batchka

^ A i5 2400 or i5 2500K would probably handle BF3 better than a 955. The thing is, as good as the 955 is, it struggles in many CPU intensive games. It may be a good bang for the buck, but in terms of performance it possibly will struggle.

I will give you a real life situation. I tried out the Shogun 2 Demo (granted it is a DEMO) but still my 955 struggled to keep up with the game. My GPU was fine however, but still. That just shows the 955's age, it isn't CRAZY noticeable age, but it is rather slower than new tech.

Also BC2 even forces my 955 to about 80% on each core, (more like 75% or 70%) So I dunno, you may or may not want to look into the i5 2400/2500 or if you overclock the 2500K.
^ Not those ones. Those are of the older, dead, generation. The 1156 and 1366 are dead platforms. You should be looking at this.

MUST READ!,2859-10.html

i5 2400 (190$)

That'd be 50$ more, from Batchuka's build so that'd put you at 760$ AR. But you'd get a 25-50% better performance for only 50$ more.

Then wait for the Asrock Extreme4 P67 to release soon and it'll be SAAWWEEET.

Well we really have to await BF3 benches but a HD 6950CF is near the top of the food chain GPU wise so no worries and u are welcomed ^^

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