[New System Build] <$1000 machine for some gaming


Jun 19, 2009
APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: I intend to buy the parts over time within the next year. BUDGET RANGE: (US$750-1000)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Games, watching TV, surfing the internet, music.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse.


PARTS PREFERENCES: I intend to use a P45 motherboard, but I don't know exactly which one. I've been looking at this one.
I have my heart set on the Antec 900 case.
I was given an EVGA Geforce 7800GTX by a friend. I want to be able to play games (particularly Diablo 3) released in the next few years on high settings. Not necessarily highest, just near the high end of the spectrum. So can I get by with the 7800GT or should I be looking for a better video card? Also, will all/most video cards be able to make use of an HD capable monitor?
I intend to use the Corsair 650W PSU.
I'm looking at this processor as well.
I think I want to use the Western Digital Caviar Green hard drive.
RAM I chose: Corsair 4GB kit.
This Samsung DVD drive.
And lastly, I chose this LG monitor, but I might want a slightly more expensive HD monitor.

I don't know anything about overclocking at this point but I intend to learn.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'd like it to be a relatively quiet PC. I'm also wondering if I should purchase fans to fit in the extra brackets in the Antec 900 case. I'd like to try and achieve negative airflow. This is my first homebuilt PC so excuse me if my choices aren't the best. :)
Also, should I be going for DDR3 insted of DDR2?
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Yes you should look for a better video card.

Intel C2D was the preferred CPU at your price point 4 months ago, but times have changed. Now, you can spend less on the CPU and get a better overall rig using AMD.

X3 720BE AND Asus 790GX DDR3 MB
OCZ Platinum 1600 ( you will just be running it at 1333 but the price is right and it might come in handy to have faster DDR3 down the road)
Scythe Mugen cooler
Thermal paste
PC P&C 750W
Will support a second 4870 in the future should you choose to crossfire.
CM 690
Caviar Black 640GB
HP DVD burner
XFX 4870 1GB
This Asus is a nice budget choice

If you want the best for gaming, then you probably do want a LG. This is a very highly rated, very "fast" monitor that has free shipping now. You can also save on shipping by buying locally.


Mar 6, 2007
For the video card you can keep the 7800gtx for a while and save some $$ and get a DX11 video card in 6-12 months...

For the CPU and MB you should get AM3 since it supports ddr3 and newer CPU. if you decide to upgrade later the cpu only, you'll have more chance to find a nice CPU. For the ram you should get ddr3 instead of ddr2 because it's becoming more mainstream and ddr2 will disapear faster and will get more expensive as the ddr3 will get cheaper.