Jun 6, 2011
Planning on $500 gaming / video encoding build, I see that the fx 6300 beats the i3 in rendering, matches it in gaming, and beats it when overclocked, Is their any reason to get the i3? (This is rendering with sony vegas) Theirs only a $10 and the motherboard is cheaper for the AMD machine.
And with the difference I will be able to purchase an after market cpu cooler, does this seem like a good pathway to go?

quicksync is a cpu extension
The benchmarks that have been reported all over the web have used the resources available to the i3 ....and it was SLOWER

The OP should just buy the FX
and a motherboard with a 9XX chip set



there are motherboard that are the same price or even cheaper than an AMD platform, but to get a z75/77 to upgrade to a "K" series cpu then yes AMD's are generally cheaper.

now coming from a biased intel fan; even i have to admit the FX-6300 blows the i3 out of the water @ its price point when also considering overclocking and using sony vegas. overclocking would help keep the 6300 competitive in single threaded apps where the i3 takes a lead.

IMO the 4300 doesn't bring much to the table that triny can't do and the 83xx still can't compete with an i5 for just about anything but a few instances. (notice the italics!) so the 6300 is the "sweet chip" of PD.