New System problem with USB/Mass Storage Devices


Sep 15, 2008
I have several different Mass Storage Devices for school and backup. I own several USB Sticks, and two WD Passports, with and without their own power, so I have tried everything. But to the problem;

When any of these devices are plugged in, they pick up and open and run fine in every way, the problem is removal. When they are needed to be safely removed via the Icon in the "Notification Area" (Next to the clock). As soon as I click it to open up the list of Mass Storage Devices connected the computer comes to a halt, the screen goes black, the mouse appears while the screen is still black and the screen flashes on and off, and it even appears to change my resolution (Icons move and windows resize). I have to either hope it stops, rip the flash drive out, or close the window in between screen black outs. It's becoming a huge problem because I don't want to have to constantly be ripping out USB Sticks, I don't feel like somehow get to school and realize pulling it out corrupted a file.

Any ideas?

PS: It's an ASUS X48 Rampage Formula Mobo, Vista x64, Q9550, Antec 900 case, Visiontek HD4870 build, if that matters at all.

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