Question New System started hard freezing

Oct 11, 2019
ok so my new pc hard freezes at strees or restarts
the problem started about a week ago
didnt change any settings or drivers and didnt update windows
no power savings in bios
gpu is not oc'd.

i5 9600k @4.8
evga 980 ti
z390 gaming x
corsair rm750x
16 gb corsair vengence 3200
noctua nh-u14s
1tb adlink s70 ssd

cpu temps are fine
gpu shows no artifacts
also i did update bios to f10c about a week ago and my stable oc was unstable and i didnt want to up the voltage so reverted back to f9 but now also testing on f8
happends on all these bios versions
bios install went fine and didnt install over the backup one

crash dump in bluescreen view shows either or both ntoskrnl.exe, hal.dll
with one showing both and nvlddmkm.sys

i suspected the psu gpu and mobo

things i did :
sfc scannow
ddu and different driver same result
reseat 24 pin and psu cables
ran memtest86 all good
reseat and clean gpu
disable xmp profile

i used aida64 and occt for testing
occt psu test runs for about 30 secs but shows alot of errors or crash instantly unless i undo cpu oc
otherwise fine (only ran it for about 15 min tho)

cpu is oc'd to 4.8 at 1.350 v also for testing i upped the v to 1.420 still crashes or freezes
(note that pc is just 6 months old and up until now all was good stable at 4.8 even at 1.325 but now not even with 1.420 v

aida64 strees test everything including gpu execpt hdd ran fine for 10 hours with no oc otherwise at 4.8 ghz it freezes or crashes after about 10 to 20 mins
stress testing just the gpu for hours was fine
ill add a couple of pics from hwinfo at moment of freeze
from what i understated 12v is fine never went below 11.8

and rn im gonna run another aida64 test oc'd but without gpu as the gpu stress test alone is fine i guess its the psu or mobo
i dont have another gpu to test with it just in case
update: oc'd at 4.8 without gpu stress for 8 hours runs fine

few pics from diffrent crashes focusing on voltage:

side note: after getting the pc i reapply'd the thermal paste because i felt it was too hot (maybe the shipping messed it up)
i still kinda do but everything is seated properly and i try'd using both little and not so little amounts of thermal paste (mx4)
the latter being much better

sorry if this is messy
any thoughts?
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