Feb 7, 2006
Well I built my new comp and got it all up and running with everything installed. I have 3x250 GB western digital caviars and decided i wanted to setup the two non-os drives into raid 0. Well i go into Norton Partition Magic after I formated both drives in Windows, and it says one of them has a bad partition (Not the one with windows on it). So i delete it and make a new one. I reboot...and now my system says "DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK". Ughh...i've fiddled around with quite a few bios options such as boot order, took the drives in and out of raid, etc. DOS programs still seem to show that windows is still on the hard drive. reformatting won't be a huge issue as i haven't gotten much installed yet, but I'd atleast like to know what i did wrong and if there's a way to save the system without formating. I'm currently testing the two non-os hard drives completely (just did quick tests before), and if i have to format i might as well test the os hard drive too. Boo computers.


Apr 24, 2002
Unplug the two non-OS hd's and see if you boot up.

Tell me why you used PM?

You can work on storage drives in Disk Management.

If you can boot up, hook up the other drives, one at a time and create the partition structure you want, and, an NTFS long format.

After that, you can do your raid thing.