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Question New system won’t start

Nov 7, 2019
I upgraded my old PC today. Here are the specs.
MOTHERBOARD-ASRock MicroATX Motherboard (B50M-HDV)
PROCESSOR-AMD Ryzen 5 2600
PSU-Corsair CX550M
RAM-2x8GB DDR4 3000MHz

My issue is that the system will not turn on at all. I have tried every component to see if it is broken, including trying one stick of RAM at a time and trying another power supply. I tried using another motherboard with the power supply and it booted fine. There are no lights on the motherboard when plugged in and the fans do not start spinning at all. There is no beeping when starting up. I am confident the PSU, GPU and RAM are not the issue. I bought all of these parts brand new so there should be no reason why they are not working on arrival.

Please do not tell me to make sure everything is plugged in correctly because I’ve been troubleshooting for 3 hours and I’ve tried that so many times my fingertips hurt from pulling cables in and out over and over.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that when plugged in, the lights on a few of my Bluetooth adaptors turn on, which shows that the motherboard is getting power but just not turning on.

Rogue Leader

It's a trap!
Check the standoffs in the case. All standoffs should align with a hole in the board and have a screw in it. Your system has the classic symptoms of a short due to an errant standoff.

Remove the board from the case and try to power it up on your work bench which will prove this theory.