News New Tiger Lake Promo Vids and CPUs Leak Ahead of Official Launch


May 20, 2013
4c/8t would certainly be fine for my own laptop needs (as I don't use them much any more!), but...

Well, when are new desktop CPUs coming out???! Specifically, in something other than 14nm....
Next desktop gen is Rocket lake and will be on 14nm++++ too unless Intel can make another iteration of 14nm (14nm+++++). It will be the same architecture (Willow Cove) as Tigerlake but backported from 10nm to 14nm so probably there are compromises and hence not the same IPC. Rockletlake will probably be released at the end of this year or start of the next (at CES).

Alder lake is the generation after that and the first to include desktop 10nm chips. It will be released in H2 2021 - I would expect a launch at the end of the year (late November) with limited availability initially and good availability from February 2022. So to answer your question I would say in 17 months you should be able to buy at a reasonable price Intel's 12-gen 10nm (super-fin enhanced) flagship K-series desktop cpu.

By the way Intel's 10nm goes now goes like this (officially)
Canon lake - 10nm- (that's minus)
Icelake - 10nm (the plus is red-conned)
Tigerlake - 10nm SF (Intel says that compared to the "+" used in 14nm, this jump over Icelake 10nm is equivalent to four "+"s)
Alderlake - 10nm ESF (that should probably be a regular iteration similar to a '+' in the 14nm)

So if Intel didn't drop the '+' notation, then Alderlake would be called 10nm+++++. And if didn't redcon Icelake 10nm+ back to 10nm, the pluses of Alderlake would have been 6!!! So that's a rather improved process from the Canonlake-era. If you think about it, it will be like going from Broadwell to Rocketlake but this time without releasing any of the Broadwell, Skylake, Kabylake, Coffeelake, Coffeelake-R, and Comet lake for the desktop.


Mar 16, 2020
Looking forward to see what Tiger Lake can bring to the table in terms of performance and efficiency. Intel has hyped up this product with the, Xe graphics, SuperFin and SuperMin, so hopefully it lives up to the hype.