Question New TN Monitor: Asus ELMB sync @ 240Hz or Freesync @ 240Hz or ELMB combined with Freesync @ 155Hz?


Aug 19, 2019
After trying a VA monitor and reading about all the problems with IPS and VA panels, I decided to go for the good classic and responsive TN panel.

My choice is between these three:

Asus Rog XG258Q at 390 €: 23.8 "1080p, 240Hz (ELMB up to 144Hz), Freesync. NB: ELMB and Freesync cannot be activated together.
Asus Rog XG248Q at 380 €: 24.5 "1080p, 240Hz (ELMB up to 240Hz), Freesync. NB: ELMB and Freesync cannot be activated together.
Asus TUF VG27BQ at 450 €: 27 "1440p, 155Hz (ELMB up to 155Hz), Freesync. NB: ELMB and Freesync can be activated TOGETHER

I would use the monitor mainly to play CSGO (competitive matches on Faceit), as well as valorant, warzone and pes 2021. So, my goal is to have the most fluid and clear images possible and input lag as low as possible, so not to have any trail or ghosting on moving objects.
My doubts go to the different technologies available on these models, which can affect my choice and performance / quality.
Better a 240Hz monitor with active ELMB, better a 240Hz with Freesync active, or better a 155Hz with both ELMB and Freesync active?
Obviously, in some games, such as warzone, with my RX 5700 XT, it is impossible to reach even the 155fps ( the lower refresh rate of the 3 ), and I do not know what effect would have in a Monitor with ELMB/FREESYNC active ( tearing etc... ).
I also read that in theory, activating such technologies, affects the input lag, and therefore I would have clearer and more fluid images, but increased timing and lag.

Any advice from ASUS monitor owners playing FPS?
Thanks in advance, i'm very confused which one to choose.