Question new to building -- need a little bit of help?

Sep 25, 2020
hey all slapping together an old ddr3 system for my first actual build its an asus p8z77-v LX and i have a hyper212 black edition rgb thing that doesnt light up on current pc as my current mobo/psu doesnt have anything molex support and i was just wondering with this board how can i adapt to or what psu should i go if i need an old molex connection to power the rgb?

needing molex as thats what the rgb controller adapt out to for non rgb/argb compatable pcs (apparently)

current pc is an old hack job "crackenstien" i call it based of a hp 833 elite sff with standard 240w psu

ive looked at a few modular psu's online and im thinking something beefy with gold or platinum plus but how what? what sort of connections/cables will i need other other than standard 24 pin power/8pin power? im not sure here i have both on my board... ill be running sata 3 and 2 for my hdds and ssd's i figure there will be usb 2 and a 3 cable or so ill need to get what do i do for power reset(front io?) ect is there a complete build cable kit i can buy somewhere or online?) i do have a pcie 3.0 x16 lane so im hoping to save for a 20super or maybe a low tier 30 series when everything is sorted out or current asus cause they built there's with the non cheap capacitors

i have a i7 3770k going in the p8z77-v lx along with 32gb (8x 4gb) 1600mhz 1.35v ddr3 ram coming in mail soon might seem like a bit of overkill but i play a far few high demand simulation games with a wheel connected and a second tv for the misso kids to watch netflix disney ect on and my curent 1050 non ti barely keeps up unless i set it a little higher than oc mode with fan @ 100%