May 23, 2022
Hey there!

Let me begin by stating that I'm fairly new to assembling my own PC, but I've been slowly getting there. I have pretty much everything I need save for a processor (Ryzen 7 5800X) and a GPU that I have yet to decide upon.

Getting back to the topic, I have realized that I would need to have a cooling system of some sort for the future CPU. I've decided to go for a liquid cooling system, but I've never dealt with one before. I have a MSI MAG Forge 110R case and I was just wondering what kind of liquid cooling system can I mount on it that'll fit? Is it kind of a one-size fits all kinda deal? What should I look out for?

Many thanks for your replies and your patience!
Your case supports an AIO cooler up to 240mm size.
Download and read the case manual to see what is involved.

I might note that your case is a good one for air cooling.
A good dual tower air cooler will be just as effective an a 240 aio for cooling.


Oh, so it is. Good thing 240mm radiator is the max in either one. And you can tell from the picture they left room above the motherboard. The other one did not and would have only had room for fans up top.

Not sure why they don't show interior pictures, very strange.


Not particularly. They're all so similar(performance) to the point that it's kinda boring.
Some models are optimized around higher/lower fan curves though, so there's that... but it's mostly your personal taste in aesthetics and if the cooler requires software to be used with it or not.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II
Corsair H100i Elite Capellix or NZXT Kraken X53
Alphacool Eisbaer Aurora
Fractal Design Celsius+ S24

All of those have something(s) going for and against them that make them not totally ace the others.