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I'm new to magic, also i play only online can any of you give me tips on
how to build a good deck.


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> Hello,
> I'm new to magic, also i play only online can any of you give me tips
> how to build a good deck.

Clayton gave you some important rules to follow while building decks. Land
ratio is one of the most important, and most people starting out do not put
enough land in their deck. I was one of them. But don't just play a deck
one time and then change something. You will learn what you need to adjust
in your deck the more you play it.

Try to keep a good mana curve in your deck (being able to use as much mana
as possible, each turn). If you have all cheap creatures and
spells(artifacts, enchantments, instants or soceries), you will need less
land. If you have expensive creatures and spells, you will need more land.
Do not build a deck will all expensive spells. Just because they are big
creatures or a spell with a big effect does not mean anything if you are
dead before you can play them. Use cards with different converted mana cost
(total cost of color and colorless to cast). You will want to have more 1
and 2 costed card, this will help with being able to cast something on your
first couple of turns. Cards with mana costs of 5 or higher are a little
harder to play, so don't put more in your deck than you will be able to
cast. Learning the mana curve that works best for your style of play will
come with more experience.

Have fun with your decks!! Play as many different types of decks as
possible. There are thousands of possibilities out there for making a deck.
Don't get stuck playing the same deck all the time.

Build decks with a theme and with a focus. Have a goal set for the decks
that you make! It might be as simple as defeat your opponent. You could
also build decks that do not win, that just do something fun but are not
expected to win. Try building a deck around one card. Pick an interesting
card, and put other cards in with it to compliment that card. But always
keep the focus on that card! Use different color combinations, try just one
or up to all five in one deck. You will find out what you like to play by
doing this. You will also have fun in the process.

Putting 4 copies of a card in your deck, and keeping it at 60 cards, will
help it be more consistent. You will be able to achieve your deck's goal
the more consistent you are, or at least determine what you need work on in
the deck. Do not get frustrated if a deck does not do what you want it to
do. Maybe your opponents deck was just the perfect counter-deck.

Hope this helped a little bit. Have fun playing Magic!