Question New to PC and didn’t know I needed something to connect to wifi! Help!


Aug 1, 2017
I just built my first PC and turned it on. Noticed I couldn’t connect to WiFi wireless-ly (only Ethernet), and now I need to find something to connect it to. Ethernet is not an option because my router is directly below (one story below) my setup and it’ll be a hassle having to run a wire throughout the house just for my PC. I’m planning on using this to game, so what’s the solution to this problem?
There are a couple option since you can use USB or internal cards. It depends on if you have room for internal cards and want to mess with it. In either case you need to match it to your router. It does not hurt to buy a better/worse nic card but it will only run at the speeds of the slower device.

Since you say you are going to play games I would consider powerline units instead of wifi. Something that says it is av600 or av1200. The older av200 and av500 units did not works as well. Powerline units appear to be a ethernet cable to your pc. They tend to work much better than wifi for games. Wifi can be faster in some cases but they key for games is consistent latency they need very little bandwidth other than when you download them.