majin ssj eric

Mar 2, 2011
I currently have an Intel 320 160GB SSD. I am going to be building a new rig soon and I ordered a second Intel 320 160GB SSD to increase my capacity and speed. I've never messed around with arrays before and want to use this RAID 0 array as my boot/programs/games drive. How should I go about setting that up with my new Rampage IV Extreme mobo? Is it as simple as switching from AHCI to RAID in the bios? Thanks guys!
I have done that before, primarily to get a single larger image for the "C" drive.
I found NO performance benefit that I could detect.
Synthetic sequential benchmarks will be impressive, and you might get level loads faster.
But for normal desktop operations, you will not see any performance improvement.

Against that, you have the negative of losing "trim", at least for now, and the increased exposure to a failure of either drive or the raid controller.

On a new build, my suggestion is to experiment with it both ways. Test in the real world to see if the benefits outweigh the negatives.
Use a stopwatch to time level loads, and see if you can feel any difference elsewhere.