Question New to raspberry PI set up and display could use a pointer or two.


What's wrong with monitoring software? You can use the TICK stack or the TIG stack. Example:
I use both. One stack on RPI4 and the other on RPI3. All I gotta do is open a webbrowser and type in the IP of the RPI and it's there. Not just temps either. Every metric pretty much I desire.
Now, my room is 25 C. RPI3 is 40 C, reaches maybe 60 C fully loaded. RPI4 is 50 C, reaches 80 C under full load. No fans in in either RPI. Checking temps are pretty much a one-day thing. You'll know what they are gonna be from that day forward. Not that useful.
Whats more useful is how much disk space you have, how much RAM is free etc. Again, both stacks can show that, no problem. And you need zero additional hardware or expense.

Think about it. There are guides how to set both stacks up on a Raspberry Pi. It's not that hard. As long as you also don't set up a proxy and reverse proxy at the same time. That was a headache.
Theres some nice dashboards out there for the stacks. Basically what values and how those are presented to you in a webbrowser. Some examples:
I don't use any of those, I have a nicer one, can't remember name. Grafana would be for the TIG stack. G stands for Grafana.
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Jun 13, 2021
I'm currently using speccy which is fine, I just rather not have to tab out right now while I'm playing games and a 4k monitor isn't in my sights just yet, kinda waiting for black friday deals and hoping for some price drops of a 4k display at the moment. More so just keeping tabs on the gigabyte 3090 temps


If you want to keep tabs on your PCs hardware while gaming, you could use MSI Afterburner. Shows CPU, GPU, RAM etc. Utilized, temps etc. Works fine on any hardware. I don't own MSI hardware.
Enable OSD (on-screen display). IMHO, easiest to go to settings and under Toggle OSD, press some key-combo.