Question New to Watercooling. Question about filters.

Jan 3, 2022
Hi everyone!

Just a quick questions or two.
1. Are filters OK to add into a water-cooling setup without impacting performance too much? and if so would running extra filters in parallel help with the increase in resistance (if there is any)? - Was considering the aqua computer version due to easy cleaning

2. Anyone know how accurate the Flow sensor high flow NEXT through aqua computer is in regards to evaluating degradation of coolant material? (Will be using EKWB premix).

3. I also have corsair NVME models that can be connected to the system as well as a RAM water cooling component from EKWB. Does any loop order matter with implementing them? - I will have two separate systems in one PC. One running a D5 w/ two 480mm rads and one running a D5 w/ two 360mm rads. Any help would be appreciated.

For some reason these oddities are hounding my brain.

Hope everyone is enjoying the year so far!

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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Filters add restriction to your loop, I'd avid them. Loop order doesn't matter so long as the pump is not left running dry and you don't mistake the inlet and outlet ports on the waterblocks. As for the NVMe drives, they don't get hot enough to warrant going under water. You sure you want to go for that much radiator surface area? What sort of heatware are you working with?