Question New Toshiba P300 3TB produces strange sounds on startup & more

Nov 13, 2020
Hello everyone, first post here.

So less than a month ago, I bought a new 3TB HDD for my PC, namely the Toshiba P300 HDWD130. Right from the start it has been making strange noises (beeps and slight clicks or crackles) on startup after it spins up, as well as making that same beep every few minutes (or even less, like 30 seconds) during regular PC usage.

I narrowed the latter down to aggressive power management of the drive and I managed to disable APM (Advanced Power Management) permanently via some Windows Registry hacks so the HDD doesn't spin down and make that sound constantly. However, the noises are obviously still present each time I power up my PC and I'm worried that the drive will fail prematurely, as I have never experienced anything similar with any of my older HDDs. Maybe I'm wrong and the sounds this particular HDD makes are perfectly fine and don't indicate that there's anything wrong with it, but I would like to get input of someone with more experience than me.

Here's a voice recording of the startup process (the sounds I was trying to describe start around the 0:06 mark).

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I failed to mention that neither CrystalDiskInfo nor Hard Disk Sentinel report any issues with the drive, and its health is apparently 100%. I have also tried plugging the SATA cables from my other HDD to no avail.
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