New Update Makes Apps Unusable, Reverting It Makes My HDD Disappear


Nov 6, 2015
After this new update for Windows 10 none of my games or apps would load. I reverted it back to the previous one so I could finally open something but now my HDD (D Drive) isn't even showing up. I have no idea what to do and it's so fucking frustrating. My OS is installed on my SDD as well.

UPDATE: I'm deciding to update back to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition that won't let me update my games to see if that will help.
Hi there gonzoesquire,

Even though this sounds a lot like a OS/driver related issue, there's a chance that it is a hardware related one.

Your HDD is currently not recognized right?
In case it is, you should really back up the data stored on it.

In case it is not, you can:
Attach it with different cables to another SATA port.
See whether it is recognized by Disk Management.
Use some data recovery tool in case it is.(if you have some data stored on the drive)
Test it with a tool that can provide a SMART report. Check these out:

Let me know how this goes,
D_Know_WD :)