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Question new usb wifi adapter providing slow upload speed

Nov 2, 2019
So i recently upgraded my CPU and motherboard to a ryzen 5 1600 and gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 and got myself a lexar 240gb ssd. Sadly my pci wifi card is no longer compatible. So i decided to use the powerline adapters however, they were only 2 pin and i had to use adapters. I quickly noticed the speed and ping was horrendous. So today i bought myself a tplink ac600 WiFi adapter because i thought it might be better than buying 3 pin powerline adapters. It does work however, i noticed that it is giving me pretty bad download speeds and horrific upload speeds. I am connected to the 5ghz band and the router is directly downstairs in the room below. (insert image won't work) View: https://imgur.com/a/nG0mt8u
Does anyone have a solution as i have installed the latest drivers ?
Nov 9, 2019
Check this post on USB WIFI Adapter. you will find according to your need and budget.
I initially followed TP-Link's instructions to download the latest drivers from their website, but after doing so, the adapter was not found. After contacting TPL Customer Service, they sent me a link to so-called updated drivers, but they were the exact same ones on their website. Same problem. I then checked in Device Manager and confirmed the device was installed and working properly. I then connected to the adapter, put in my wifi password and voila! No need for TPL software as it is apparently plug-n-play...Windows 10 assigned a driver and it works fine. Once you get past that nuisance, its a great device.