New Video Card - what to buy?


Oct 7, 2014
Good evening everybody

So i have been looking for a new graphic card the last couple of days - and in general i find it to be a JUNGLE :) So i'm hoping someone out there can help me find the best video card for my needs..

In general i don't play newer games with more heavy PC requirements.. The last 10 years of gaming has basicly consisted of WoW and DotA 1/2 ++ some spontanous Baldurs Gate for nostalgy.

I'm not planning to change that - and my HD5750 has been doing its job fine so far (It's 5 years old now).. It seems however that the card has met its end - having harder and harder alt tabbing out of games etc. the last 3-4 months (and sometimes freezing completely due to this(Not CPU / motherboard / RAM caused - because i just changed everything but the videocard last month)

Only requirement i have to the new card, is that it should be able to run sustained while streaming via twitch / recording with FRAPS

My looks has been on R7 260X / R7 250X (I looked for GTX 650 Ti Boost - but its unavailable in Denmark now).. But as i said.. I have no idea what performs the best together with the rest of my PC / and what is the best for my needs

My current specs:
600W powersupply (Used to power HD5750 + Quad Core Q9400 in the past)
Zalman Z9 Plus Case (Heavy cooling)
AMD FX-6300 Black (with Hyper Evo 212 cooler for some moderate OC if i should need it)
8 GB HyperX Fury DDR3-1866
ASRock 970 Extreme4
Radeon HD 5750

With my current setup, the internal thermostate in my case is running from 21-25 Celcius before doing any OC, so heating is certainly not a problem for me.

My budget is on 150 euro - but it's not deemed as a requirement for me to spend it all, if it's not in my best interest.

Thanks in advance to everybody for helping out!


Jan 5, 2012
the best for your bucket may be either a r7 265 (or a 270 if you can get a nice offer) or a 750ti
the nvidia one is less powerful but require a LOT less of energy

which is the brand of your PSU? since that may still started to show its age too
r9 270,r9 270x or r9 280 whatever you get at that price would be your best buy different countries have different rates for GPU so check the two cards if they fit your budget or not .

And among the cards you have mentioned the 650 ti boost is the fastest .


Oct 7, 2014
Thanks for the quick answers.

Smog0: It's a Coolermaster (bought as a Silver edition)
As stated - its been powering a Quad Q9400 (Much more power demanding CPU) than the recent FX 6300 Black that i've gotten. So i'm not really that concerned about the power.

The R265 starts at 145 euro in Denmark / and is only clocked at 900hz though with 256 Buswidth.. But its still aprox 200 hz lower than on most standard cards today as far as i know.

The 270 / 270X / 280, are all above my desired price range in Denmark (270 starts at 160 euro)

The closest i can get to the TI Boost 650 GTX are these 2:
"eVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti SSC" (1GB) or the "eVGA GeForce GTX 650 Superclocked" (2GB)

Will either of these be sufficient?