Question New Wifi Adapter causing Graphic Card Freezes/Crashes.

Nov 3, 2019
So I have a weird problem.

PC was fine with rare crashes I was using an old USB TP-link wireless adapter that doesn’t support windows 10, and would sometimes D/C from the wireless network for no reason.

So I bought and installed a PCI-E “Ubit Wireless Network Card WIE4530”.

It started causing PC crashes so I returned it after reading some users saying the intel chipset is not compatible with AMD CPUS.

Then I bought the more expensive “Gigabyte GC-WB1733D-I” which has a newer intel chipset and read AMD users writing reviews that it works fine.

But it started causing the same type of crash that I never had before.

Heres the error message before the crash (freeze) happens in the event viewer:

The description for Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

The following information was included with the event:

0c83(1780) 00000000 00000000

The message resource is present but the message was not found in the message table

Some things I noticed:

  • Crash/Freeze started happening frequently after installing and using PCI-E slot.
  • Seems to be a Graphic card issue.
  • Seemed to happen a lot in Firefox watching twitch/youtube disabling Hardware acceleration helped reduce crash due to web browser.
  • It might be a power supply issue as now I’m using an extra PCI-E slot but wifi adapters are supposed to use very little power.
  • I rolled back to NVidia drivers 1 year ago to test, and crash still happened (less often though)
  • Crash happens when graphic card is stressed but didn’t crash once playing Apex Legends.
  • Updated Motherboard BIOS and all drivers, including wifi drivers.
  • Sometimes on event viewer I see a warning about wifi not finding “drivers” weird warning.
  • Very rarely instead of crash I lose connection to USB devices (mouse, graphic tablet, wifi adapter).
My computer specs:

MSI geforce gtx 770 graphics card.
Evga Supernova 750w G2 gold power supply
AMD Ryzen 2700x
Vulcan T-Force 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4
Samsung Evo 850 SSD
+1 extra ssd, +1 hdd, +1 usb drive.
1 monitor, 1 screen/pen tablet.
Windows 10, 64 bit.

Any input HIGHLY appreciated, this thing is driving me crazy.
Nov 3, 2019
I'm not 100% sure but no crashes since i uninstalled Firefox... yet.

So it seems a combination of Nvidia drivers vs Firefox version vs Wifi Drivers.

I kind of need firefox though, it was my main broswer with all my bookmark and chrome was a 2nd browser with alternative logins.
Nov 3, 2019


I might have solved it, both 2400mhz and 2733mhz ram speeds my system was crashing, but I’ve been unable to replicate the problem since setting it to 2666mhz but it might be too early to say.

Any thoughts on RAM speed issues causing crashes like this?


So I kept firefox uninstalled and everything was working fine. Then there was an Asus prime b450 update bios: 2006, so I flashed the new bios and then for the first time ever Chrome had the same video related crash as Firefox.

So I reinstalled firefox and I was able to replicate the crash every 10-15 minutes.

Basically all I do is go through opening twitch and youtube videos and the crash usually occurs when the video is buffering (loading) so at the start of a video or clicking through the timeline, or when the adverts start. From my experience there’s like a 5% chance each time I do this for the system to freeze.

In my experience this has happened twice even with VLC buffering.

Funny enough opening 20 tabs of twitch/youtube did not crash the system but created some video lag.

VIDEO GAMES WORK FINE 24/7, no crashes.

When the screen freezes there’s like a 10% chance my computer will recover and say the NVidia drivers managed to recover.


Uninstalled nearly everything but essential programs.

Updated ALL drivers to latest version available.

Uninstalled Avast Antivirus. (using windows security now)

Plugged PCI wifi card to slot 1, right next to graphic cards (previously on slots 2 & 3)

Disabled Windows colour profiles over ride (when system recovers from driver crash it removes my colour profiles).

STILL CRASHED replicating the problem. Until I changed the ram to 2666mhz haven’t been able to replicate problem since (1 day now).
Nov 3, 2019
Never mind, I realised I uninstalled my ryzen chipset drivers, so I reinstalled the latest version from amd back and I got a crash 10 minutes after.

I’m completely stomped and clueless why this is happening.

I guess I just have a defective motherboard which worked fine before I had to use a PCI-E wifi card so I was unable to notice the defect and return it.

Honestly I hate using amd, I always have these problems with amd rigs, intel has always worked out better for me.

Wouldn’t be surprised if intel Wi-Fi chipset is sabotaging my rigs… lol