Question New Win10 istallation goes bonkers after 5 hours?

Aug 8, 2020
Dear Members,

I have read other posts but was unable to fins a solution to my problem.

Current set up:
Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro Wifi
RYZEN 3 3200G

Crucial SSD 480GB
Started installing League of Legends, then on my first game the Monitor went black, then back to the game then black, back to the game and I had to restart when it went completely black screen.

Windows doesnt Boot, nothing happens.

I moved the SSD to another PC and it booted straightaway! WINDOWS and files - all there.

I bought my first 240GB WD Green SSD m. 2 and decided to use it with the motherboard as I was moving the Crucial SSD to another system.

I installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 today onto the. M. 2 SSD drive by WD. All was great during installation, no issues whatsoever.
Started installing Updates and I'm all was fine. After all updates were finished I switched it off.

2 hours later when I switched on thr PC black screen, no Bios boot, nothing.

Windows wasnt able to recover itself, all files are on the SSD, managed to browse through the files throught the windows recover tool.

Any ideas? Bios version - 07/29/2019 . Never had such a bizarre experience. Any help is much appreciated.
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Are you going to Gigabyte website afterwards to make sure you have latest drivers?
Are you running windows update once installed?
How new is the win 10 installer? DId you use a new one as it might be the version installed
On another PC, download the Windows 10 media creation tool and use it to make a win 10 installer on USB

Can you download and run Driverview -
All it does is looks at drivers installed; it won't install any
When you run it, go into view tab and set it to hide all Microsoft drivers, will make list shorter.

Now its up to you, you can look through the drivers and try to find old drivers, or you can take a screenshot from (and including)Driver name to (and including)Creation date.
upload it to an image sharing website and show link here

All I would do is look at driver versions (or dates if you lucky to have any) to see what might have newer versions.
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Aug 8, 2020
Hi Colif,
Thanks for your reply.
I will driver software tomorrow.

I installed the windows again now bit this time was quite careful with the AMD Vegas 8 Drivers. Basically on AMD website you can download a tool that will install the recommended driver. So I did just that. There is an option to install the newest driver but I am afraid it may crash on me again.

Also there was this option when I installed the AMD driver "Factory Reset", i removed the tick this time.

Hopefully it will be fine now. Windows was installing updates for about 35 mins. The install version must have been quite old.

I downloaded the latest image file and will use it in the future if I need to reinstall.

I will post one other problem tomorrow in this thread as its not resolved yet.