New wired connection not working

Ed Hunter

Sep 1, 2012
I recently built a new pc with a network card as my router is at the other side of the house and have got builders to build a ethernet cable through my house to my gaming room. However now I have an unidentified network with 100mb per second instead of the old 65mbps - also says its wired connection but no internet accses? any help pls on how to get internet accses. Im on win 7 btw and network provider is bt thx :)


Do you have other computers on the router or only the one?

In the network control panel do you only see the unidentified network or are there other networks? If only the one, change it to a home network rather than public. If you cannot do that just by clicking on the network icon and change it then you have to change the Windows setting for network security, like this:

In the start button search box type: local security policy and then open the one that shows at the top of the start box, click on network list manager policies, double click unidentified network and change it to Location type: private and User permissions: user can change location, apply, then okay. Reboot.

Now open the network control panel and change the public to a home network and check that you have the adapter configured to automatically obtain an IP address from the gateway (network control panel, change adapter settings, right click select properties, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4, Properties button). Now if you do not connect, open the command prompt box and type ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew.