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Jun 21, 2021
Greetings from Phoenix...
Quick question from a newb as I recently bought a pre-built NZXT months ago. I currently have an issue as the xmp isn't increasing ddr4 freq. It seems like the motherboard doesn't want to allow it. Here's what I have...

MB: gigabyte b365
cpu: i3 9100f
memory: vulkan z 8 g sticks x 2 (it stays it can go up to 3200 mhz)
psu: 450 watt
gpu: msi 1050 ti gaming x 4 gb

I was wondering if it has something to do with the motherboard and/or the cpu maybe? I am only getting 2400 mhz with xmp on or off. It doesn't make a difference. I tried contacting nzxt and they're worthless...they said I might have to manually adjust timings in bios, but that would only get it up to 2666 mhz possibly.

So....any brainiacs out there that know what's limiting this frequency and doesn't it even matter or would it really make a difference in gaming? Thanks for the time and consideration to help out! (y)
Your CPU officially supports 2400MHz and your Motherboard supports up to 2666MHz.
You have chosen OC RAM at 3200MHz, so as NZXT suggest you may need to manually enter SPD Timings and voltage in Bios however, there is no guarantee you will reach the rated frequency as it depends on the strength of the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) on the chip.

Any XMP profiles for easy Overclocking may not work due to limitations of the MB.

Test different SPD settings to check just how high you can go as no harm will be done. It may just refuse to boot in which case clear CMOS and test other parameters.
There is not a great deal of difference performance wise running at 2666MHz and 3200GHz when gaming.
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