Newbie 9800pro aiw help


Sep 30, 2003
First, I'd like to thank anyone who is kind enough to help out a poor guy trying to get his stuff working.

Second, the real purpose of my post. I recently got the 9800pro aiw, and I've set it up. But two problems are occuring for me.

My monitor keeps flashing blue. This I believe is due to my monitor having a vga connection, and the card only having a dvi-i. Now, it comes with a dongle to convert, but I think that the extra weight of the vga cord is pulling the whole setup down, hence making my screen go blue. Can I get a dongle that isn't a single piece unit?
IE: [DVI-I to card]------------cord--------[VGA to monitor]

Second, I'm trying to get the 'video in' option to work, now in the manual it details all sorts of ways to hook up a camcorder, vcr, etc. But I'm trying to capture movies from a ps2. With the product they give a purple input adapter, allowing for composite and s-video. I'm working with the composite at the moment. It's all hooked up correctly. (It's color coded. And I can't be THAT dumb. :] )

When I run the ATI Multimedia Center Configuration, and do a system test, I di get an error relating to capture drivers.
I'll copy/paste it.
"Checks the WDM (capture) drivers.
Test result:
WDM devices INF file not installed.
WDM devices are not listed in registry.
WDM devices are not loaded or enumerated by the device manager.
WDM devices are not registered with DirectShow"

Now the program tells me to get ati.coms driver support. But I don't see a WDM on the page. Which is here

Anyway, I hope I've given enough info for someone to help me. I know the community is pretty helpful, so I came hoping not to be let down. :) Thanks again in advance.


Did you install the drivers and multimedia center off of the CD, or did you download the newest ones off the web?

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Sep 30, 2003
I installed them from the cd.
As an update, I managed to get the WDM drivers to work (by getting them from the cd). I had to delete several sneaky drivers that were causing some problems.
There's just no 'Video-In ' option anymore.
I guess I didn't install something right, this time.
Download the new Catalyst 3.8 drivers and give them a shot.

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Did you get ALL the drivers, including the SEPARATE WDM Capture driver, or the integrated package that includes the capture driver?

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