Question Newbie Here; What monitor will work for this?

Apr 9, 2019
I am a student digital artist/3D modeler (and moderate gamer in my free time). I’m just starting to learn the tech side of the trade (and more about computers in general).

I’m trying to find a monitor that will suit my setup. My computer has an i7 9700k, an RTX 2070 and Windows 10.

I really need a monitor with good color accuracy. My current monitor is quite old and doesn’t even have full sRGB support which has made editing and printing my art really frustrating. I developed a temporary work around but now it’s time to upgrade.

Now my main question... Since I make prints of my artwork, should I get a monitor with aRGB support? Will my graphic card support it? I’ve been trying to research about it on the internet and speak to people I know about it, but I can’t get a clear answer!

If I should go with aRGB support, would either of these monitors be a good choice?
-Viewsonic VP2785
-BenQ SW240

Or should I go with an sRGB monitor...something like this:
-AOC U2790VQ
-Viewsonic VP2768

If you have any other recommendations, I would love to hear them.
I chose the above options at different price points, since as a student, it would be great to save money too. However, I will spend more for a quality monitor, especially if it will last a while and support my career.

Thanks for you help.