Newbie OCer - X48T-DQ6 / E8600 problem



Hello everyone and thanks in advance for helping,

I searched a lot across various sites for a solution to my problem, consulted several stickies but it seems i still miss a solution.

Some infos about my rig.

1. X48T-DQ6 rev 1.3 bios version F5
2. Intel E8600 3.33Ghz
3. 2x2GB DDR3 7-7-7-20 (1600 - Patriot - 1.9V)
4. Sapphire 4870 512MB
5. 2xVelociraptor 300GB
6. 850W PSU

My major problem is that bios sets my E8600 CPU @ 3.2GHZ , that is actually lower than stock GHZ (8x400 instead of 10x333) and doesn't allow me to either change CPU clock ratio or FSB ( CPU clock ratio , Fine CPU clock ratio, CPU Host Contol, CPU Host Frequency are all locked).

C1E and EIST are both disabled

How can i make the bios correctly setup my cpu and is there a way i can unlock Cpu clock ratio and FSB ?

I would appriciate any kind of help and sorry if i missed some potential answer on a different post or stickie.


First, on an 'off-chance', some of the older GB BIOS require you to hit a <ctrl><F1> at the main BIOS screen, which sort of 'flickers' or re-paints the screen, and unlocks the advanced settings - I didn't think this was one of 'em, but - worth a try... Now, I don't understand exactly what you mean by 'locked'; what, exactly, happens when you change CPU HOST CLOCK CONTROL to ENABLED (or, didn't you realize this was necessary, in which case your problem is solved!)? Can you still not change the FSB and multipliers, or will it simply not save them at <F10> 'save & reboot'? Please clarify further...


Oct 10, 2007
That sounds a little funky. You mean by locked it is shaded out? You sure there isn't a CPU FSB control option that is on Auto right now?

On their CPU support list is says that it supports the E8600 @ 3.33GHz @ FSB 1333 with the F5 BIOS so you should be able to get at it some how. Look at tweaktown forums if you haven't. They have a dedicated gigabyte section where you might find a solution.

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