Question Newbie on a budget looking to upgrade from a GTX 1050.


Sep 8, 2017

I'm quite a newbie when it comes to hardware, and while I know the basic "dos and don'ts", I'm just not exactly the brightest on the topic, and I don't really keep up too much with the hardware world. Last year I got to upgrade most of my computer except for my GPU; I have been running a GTX 1050 since late 2017, and at this point this here fella isn't holding up very well, and might as well be on its way out and decide to give up not too far in the future.

I'm planning to gift myself a new GPU for Xmas (or shortly after), and while I can probably go big, I don't aim at getting more than a mid-range GPU that can move whatever game at 60 FPS at whatever settings. I still play on a 768p screen (which I plan to upgrade, but it's not a priority) and I still mostly play light games like CSGO or FIFA, but my 1050 naturally struggles with newer titles such as Hell Let Loose.

My current CPU is an I3-10105F on an ASRock B560M-HDV, with a Corsair CX550 as my PSU, 4x2 GB DDR4 (in dire need of upgrade to 8x2). My case is a very regular Sentey G18. I also have 2 HDDs (1TB WD Blue, and an old 160GB WD), a 120GB SSD and a M2 500GB SSD.

My budget goes up to around 150.000 ARS (Argentine Peso), roughly translated to some 450 USD in practical terms. I plan to pay whatever I buy in installments. From what I've seen, these are the GPUs within my budget:
  • GTX 1630 ($72.703 | $233 USD)
  • RX 570 ($83.375 ARS | $267 USD)
  • RX 570 RS XXX ($84.709 |$271)
  • RX 6500 XT Black ($90.312 | $289)
  • RX 6600 ($125.730 | $403)
  • GTX 1660 ($127.597 ARS | $409)
  • GTX 1660 Super ($130.599 ARS | $418)
  • RX 5700 ($133.067 | $426)
  • RTX 3050 ($141.271 | $453)
  • RX 6650 XT ($153.410 | $491)
Prices may vary from store to store, stock may also vary in the near future. I could buy up to the RX 6500 XT Black in a single payment and get around a 25% discount, but that'd be a lot to pay, specially considering that if I pay it with installments without interests, due to inflation here I might as well be paying half the original price by the time I'm done paying for the card.

As I said, I don't intend to do much more than 60 FPS gaming at 768p (and probably 1080p in the near future), and as long as I can maybe play most games in medium graphic quality I'm alright, but I'd also prefer something that can last some years since I probably won't upgrade again in a while.

I only really have a few concerns: whether my PSU can support all of these cards, whether some of these cards are too big to fit inside my case, and whether these PSUs might run a bit too hot and require me to get a cooler, since I live in a subtropical area where it can get really hot in the summer (upwards to 42° Celsius or so) and at times my computer can run quite hot.

Lastly, I've used Nvidia cards all of my life, but given the price difference between AMD and Nvidia I suppose it's the best to go with AMD, although I've never used an AMD card before and I don't know what to expect from them.

Then again, I'm a quite a newbie on this and I already get a bit worried by the fact that I gotta install the GPU myself, even though I suppose it isn't too hard. I'd really appreciate any input.