Nov 24, 2004
So I'm shopping psu. Wattage is a nobrainer as there are numerous sites and formulas for calculating watts--I'l simply buy more just in case. But then I found a review post for a Coolmax psu that read, in part, that buyers should beware that there may not be enough connectors for components.

He wrote: "The only thing that might mislead someone when buying (can't tell from the pictures) is the number of connectors.".

My dumb question. Are different psu's designed with varying numbers of connectors? Is this an issue? Or are 90% of the PSU's capable of handling just about anything I connect save the refrigerator?

By the way, I'm looking at this unit: COOLMAX 400W CX-400B, BLACK, Taurus CX Series Silent Power Supply; 1 x 120mm fan, 3 Speed Fan Control Switch ( Auto, Low, Medium). $36.99

Thanks for any feedback.
Usually the PSU's have more than enough connectors. It depends on how many components you have in your system at the end of the day.

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