Newbie recommendation for how to improve wireless performance in house


Jan 8, 2010
I recently set up a home office to do my night work at home on the opposite end of the first floor of my house. The router is next to a fireplace and has to go through the kitchen and about 3 walls to get to my office. The wireless router supplied to me by my internet provider is a Netgear WNR1000v2.

The reception is very poor. 1-3 bars on the wireless icon on the toolbar and it takes about 30 seconds to load my chrome home pages (Gmail and 2 news sites). Also, I have League of Legend loaded on my work computer and I basically can't finish a game because at some point the wireless with either outright turn off ("X" in the wireless icon on the toobar), or LoL will tell me it has lost contact with the server eve though I have couple bars.

I'm reading on the internet about what to do and their seems to be 4 options:
- change router/network settings
- new router
- new antenna
- a repeater or extender

Any recommendations on what order to attack this issue. I'd like to have top level connectivity at all times.

Also, might my work computer be "messing" with LoL in some way that is making the wireless signal get worse when I play it? I ask because the problems of the wireless signal being lost has only occured when I've tried to play LoL?