Nov 24, 2004
I'm looking at motherboard with this in description:"
Audio Subsystem With external high quality 5.1-Channel AC'97 Codec". I am also looking at a sound card that says "configuration: 5.1". Is this how sound cards and motherboards are matched? Can I plug any sound card into any motherboard? Help with these dumb questions puleeze...

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Nope, but I'll try to help.

Your board comes with 5.1 sound onboard. That means you don't need a soundcard. The codec is similar to the hardware of a cheap 5.1 soundcard. So if you add a generic 5.1 soundcard, you'll simply be replacing the onboard (free) sound with a paid-for solution.

You have free sound. You could install any sound card you liked if you wanted to. You could install an old stereo soundcard (2.1), or a 5.1 similar to what's provided, or even a 7.1 if you like. Or you could just use the sound that's provided free with the motherboard.

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