Nov 18, 2011
I just built my computer with a 500gb wd hard drive. I now want to add an SSD to my system as my boot drive. I've read on the win7 forums that I just physically unplug my current hard drive remove it from my boot priority. Then just do a clean install of win7 on the SSD and restart etc. Then plug/reformat my wd HD to get the full space back. Is this how it should be done?

Also I have the system builder windows 7 does that matter and will it affect whether I can put it on a new hd?

Clean install means reinstalling my mobo/vid card on the ssd as well? i.e. mobo disc/internet for Vid card drivers.

What files do I need to transfer, I don't have anything on my system except things like BF3 and AVG, MalBytes things like that. I read that I need to transfer my user profile in windows or something of that nature. How is that done if necessary?

I'm total noob to this and learning as I go. Quite a few questions but many thanks in advance!

oh and good suggestion for an ssd brand model etc.


Feb 2, 2011
The most important part of choosing the brand today is reliability. SSD technology has not been reliable as Hard Disk Drive technology. Some of the brands that are considered reliable enough at the moment: Crucial m4, Intel X25-M, Samsung 830.