Newbie to OCing...few basic question


Jun 2, 2009
So i just bought the parts for my new build and i am considering to overclock my system

i am getting a amd phenom II X4 955 black edition 3.2 ghz with Asus 790GX motherboard.

which heat sink would be good for my setup?

do i need to put on a heat sink compound? how and where do i put on the compound?

how far can i overclock my cpu with stock fan?

I have read the post here on how to overclock AMD...can someone give me a summary of it...the post seems a little confusing for me since i have never done it before.

Thanks guys!


Apr 5, 2009
thermal compond between heatsink and cpu.
xigmatek or zalman heat sinks ( not sure what they make for amd)
forget the stock fan and not to far...
just read the overclock guide over and over. you will pick up on it.
no one here but computronix really helped much when I did my first oc, but
you have to understand overclocking befor you try it.
OCing now has become comparatively easier...There are some articles that would guide you through the process in pretty simple ways...And main thing is try to understand what you are doing and not just follow the instructions...
Just go through these articles, will sure give you a good idea about the CPU and overclocking...
Go step-by-step...,2278.html,2161.html,2267.html

And as for the PSU, yes the Antec 650W would be able to handle a decent overclock...

Actually the stock heatsink that comes with the 955 especailly is an improved one than the other stock coolers...You must be able to get maybe even upto 3.6GHz o/c on that...So check the temps constantly and if you feel it is too hot, then get the aftermarket heatsink
As for the heatsink,
But make sure the case has room for this...

And as for the thermal compound, get the Artic Silver 5 or even TX2 would do...
And here is a basic guide about How to...
Google around to find more article on the best ways to apply the thermal compound, common mistakes,...