Newegg lost its edge?

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May 15, 2008
I was wondering how others in the community feel about Newegg? I remember early 2004 Newegg was the best place to get pc parts. I can remember ordering my first full computer build from them. They had excellent services and shipped extremely quick.

Fast Forward today and they seem to be very noncompetitive with places like Amazon. I been using Amazon for the past 3 years for all my needs (with amazon prime). My Amazon prime is expiring soon so I decided to sign up for a free trial for Newegg's Premier Service.

I gotta say I am pretty underwhelmed by it so far.

Some of the things I have noticed are they have done away with a lot of items that where 99cent 3 day shipping.

That the savings with 2 day shipping and Premier are laughable at best. Its almost like they took there old overnight and 2 day rates and doubled them then cut them in half for premier. The mouse I ordered today was going to be 6 dollars to ship 2 day as Premier (vs free at Amazon) or I could pay 12 dollars and have it overnight (3.99 with amazon).

Another thing was I ordered the mouse at 12:32 (newegg's time) the mouse will not ship till tomorrow meaning I will not get it till Monday so 3 day shipping suddenly became 5 day shipping thanks to there cut off system.

When I contacted customer service using there special Premier hotline number I got a busy signal. When I did finally get thought the girl told me I missed the dead line by a few min's and that chances where it wouldn't ship out today. I went in and canceled the Premier membership.

There trying to be competitive with Amazon they need to step it up. I understand Amazon is a little more expensive. There service is just as good or better they offer 2 day shipping for free and more realistic cut off times for shipping same day. I have placed order's as late as 6 eastern and still had them ship same day.

Overall I am not pleased with Newegg. The main reason I gave them a chance this time was the mouse I ordered had a 25 dollar mail in rebate thought newegg. That made it 25 dollars cheaper then Amazon which was enough for me to give them a chance.


Nov 12, 2013
HI, i dont about the pc parts or the diff in what benefits they give all i know is 1 thing, and its about amazon they have AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE they surprised every time i called them how chilled and helpful they are, i dont know about newegg never had to call about anything and hopefully never will :)


Oct 28, 2009
I posted a similar post earlier regarding their shipping, and their usual answer is you can pay for fast processing. As far as shipping goes, Saturday and Sunday don't count as "shipping" days hence you getting your stuff after the weekend. The the trouble I had with my monitor was during thanksgiving, having called them twice and complaining about my purchase on tuesday afternoon and the item only being shipped on Friday afternoon, they managed to get it delivered to me on a SUNDAY. I cant say Newegg is really that bad, as you can find deals as good as amazon and sometimes better, but they are usually in some form of a daily quick sale. The way I usually separate them is I buy PC parts only from newegg, and pretty much everything else from Amazon. Oh and by please fix the couple of "there" into "their' my OCD almost killed me while I was reading your post =) .
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