NewEgg Lost/Stolen Package - Nightmare situation and process HELP PLEASE


Sep 28, 2017
I ordered 1800+ worth of computer parts. It was supposed to be delivered on 9/13/207. Nothing came. I chatted with customer service and was told I have to go to the police station to get a police report. I did that immediately and sent everything to them. 3 days go by and I do not get any update. I start feeling like im going crazy. I message customer service numerous times and I keep getting the same response. They tell me they are going to update me the next day or same day. After a week, they tell me that they are going to expedite my claim. Throughout the week I chat with them and literally nothing is moving forward. And to top it all off, not ONCE do they email or call me to update me on the situation. It has been 2 weeks and I still dont have my parts and once again I get customer service telling me I have to wait and they will update me later today.

I have spoken with them literally 7-8 times and not once have I gotten an update. Now I dont even want the parts anymore, I just want my money back. What else can I do? This has been a nightmare buying from newegg.
Any advice from anyone would be greatly greatly appreciated.
Assuming your in the USA... Best advice I can give as someone who's had to deal with their loss dept at Newegg, is be patient. While their sales and shipping dept are super speedy, the loss dept is agonizing slow and what you're describing is kind of the normal. Not only are they having to deal with their own in house dept, they're dealing with the shipping companies loss/theft dept. And they have their own procedure they have to go through before they report back to NewEgg. A couple of weeks is about right for them to start in on any kind of claim. Chances are they're not ignoring you, they're waiting in turn for info from the shipping.

Stay in contact with their customer service. They're not trying to scam you, they're just playing an overly complicated game of telephone.
I agree with azaran, Newegg must have bought insurance for shipping and they are not paying for the loss, they should be able to honor you. I was afraid similar situation may happen, so I chose ship to FedEx option. People should use this option, then you can pick it up at FedEx.
It's also one of the reasons I shop through Amazon when possible. Their customer service can act on a missing order directly instead of waiting weeks for a resolution to get passed through the various shipping companies internal system. Now granted it's not entirely on Newegg, each shipping company is going to have their own policy, but it still sucks at the end of the day.

In my specific case, Newegg shipped through DHL. DHL lost my package (2 HDs) but reported it shipped and delivered. I was told by Newegg, because of how DHL handles it's loss/theft area, that I could expect up to about 4 weeks for DHL to do their internal investigation and to see it resolved.

Amazon, last time a package went missing, immediately reshipped out the item one the first phone call with a rep.