Newegg restocking fee

Feb 19, 2018
Bought a gaming PC from Newegg and wanted to return it. Wasn't to thrilled in it for the price I paid. I have all the original packaging and stuff does anyone know if I can avoid the restocking fee? Could I claim it wasn't working for me or do they test the products?


Sign up for premier trial or a month if it's cheaper than the fees. Once it's active, initiate your return. Some may still be affected, but if not, no, the simple act of buying it means a restock fee.

And of course they test products... they'd lose money like crazy if not.
Likely, newegg would refer you to the pc maker who is prepared to handle warranty and defective parts.
They do not test the products. They likely would return it to the manufacturer if they agreed to take the return.
It is not fair to expect a business to take in returned products which they then need to resell as opened box units for a loss.
a 15% restocking fee is reasonable. Many sellers will refuse to take a return altogether.
That said, contact newegg customer support and see if you can negotiate.
I think they would be receptive if you said you ordered the wrong unit and would buy a different unit.



Of course they inspect returns - I worked a 2-bit retailer and we sure as hell did it! How do they know you didn't just send them a concrete block if not? If they're already going that far, they'll probably go the slight bit further to ensure they got back a functional system or to make the appropriate refund reductions.

They also have to have a tech wipe that stuff, since being caught reselling customer data is severe (in Canada) and frowned upon in the US.

My advice to OP depends on how ethical they want to be about it.
NewEgg offers a trial of their premier services, which allow no-restocking fee returns (with free shipping) on a majority of their items. If he signs up for this, and then initiates his return, he can likely get off without trouble - even if he can't do the trial, it's likely that the price for a month is less than his probable restocking fee.

I know this because I did this exact exploit returning an Axon 7 to them after I found a cheaper phone. That was, mind you, but they don't seem to differ their policies much.