Newegg reviews about unlocking cores.


Aug 3, 2009
This is what I see sometimes on Newegg reviews. I see a product and I see what it's advertised to do/be. Every so often I'll come across a review that says the product didn't do such and such, however, that product is not advertised to do what that reviewer is claiming. Take for example unlocking a triple core processor to a quad core processor. There's reviewers that will actually deduct eggs because they couldn't unlock the 4th core. The thing is, they are judging something that isn't a guarantee, something that isn't advertised, and something that the manufacturer of that product doesn't claim that product performs. See this page for an example:

Here's my advice to these people: If you ABSOLUTELY need to have a quad core processor, then just buy a quad core processor. Don't buy a triple core processor and then make deductions on the review because you couldn't unlock the 4th core. AMD claims it as a triple core processor, therefore it should be reviewed as a triple core processor. Unlocking the 4th core is considered a bonus. If you get it, great. If you don't, well hey, you tried, but it didn't work out and a triple core should still be acceptable. If it's not acceptable, you shouldn't have bought it. You should have bought a quad core. If I see someone complain about not being able to unlock a core, to me, that person is not a qualified reviewer.

Unlocking cores is just one example. There's also other products where reviewers make deductions when that product wasn't advertised to do what they're complaining about. I would like to know your opinions about reviews where a complaint is made about something that isn't claimed or advertised. Thanks.

See, thats why the majority of us dont even read newegg reviews anymore. Your average newegg user is fairly stupid, and you tend to get skewed results because people are far more likely to post when they have a bad experience than a good one.

I only ever read them when im really bored and want a good laugh. It would be nice if it was possible to vote reviews from stupid people down so they didnt count against products but i dont see that happening anytime soon.