Question Newegg RMA from australia sapphire vega 64


Apr 3, 2016
bought a vega 64 from newegg Australia 4 months ago starting last week the card would randomly crash at first it was with division 2 but now its pretty frequent even trying it on my brothers computer the issue would persist halfway of installing the driver it would crash and the only way to get the display back on was turning it off then back on. i tried contacting newegg for a RMA but the have refused to help since its past their 30 day period and told me to contact sapphire, i tried contacting sapphire but they have told me that i needed to get the RMA accepted from the retailer as they ONLY do returns sent to them from the retailers :( so what do i do now did i just blow 580 aud down the drain. the card was never modified with.
I suggest you post your dilemma on the Newegg Twitter and Facebook pages.
Also try to reach AMD forums, they might lend you a hand.

Sapphire warranty is covered by the authorized vendor (initial place of purchase).
You are not the only one with this issue, if you check online forums there are hundreds complaining about Sapphire.