Newegg scammed me


Jan 11, 2018
Recently I was scammed by Newegg of a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti DirectX 12 GAMING X 11G. How they did it?

I ordered the shipment normally. They "deliver" it fast. In my case they didn't deliver it at all. Instead they fake a delivery. I'm notified that I have a $750 package outside my door without signature confirmation delivered at 6:23 am. I don't see any package and I freak out.

I file a claim, hop through hoops with customer support waiting hours for a call, then I have to talk to police about a package theft.

When I talk to customer support after I get my police report, they say the package wasn't delivered at all and it has already returned to the factory. There is NO WAY OF GETTING MY ITEMS BACK. As in, IT WASN'T delivered in the first place at all. Might me thinking, "I wasn't there at 6:23 am to physically get the items, so they just took it back." Well why does it say delivered on their tracking page? (see image)

Now I don't have the final parts to my build AND THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE. Why did snatch my items from me?

THE PRICES ARE HIKING UP! Removed Newegg and all graphic cards are "out of stock" for them to raise the price without any backlash. They make it "hard to get." Within a week, I could have the graphics card for $750 and now it's already $780. Scummy practices and never purchasing from them again.


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Jul 18, 2017
Right well first off. If you bought it from a 3rd party within newegg, its not really neweggs fault but rather the 3rd party seller. So I wouldn't make such be claims of newegg scamming you without facts...

Secondly, even if no signature is required. If a package is over a current price limit (I believe 150+ dollars) most shippers wont just drop off the package. They will attempt to deliver and if they can't deliver it, they will return it back to the original shipper. You'll have to contact the original shipper to have them reship it.

The fact you have tracking number shows something was shipped. It may or may not have been the video card but something was shipped. I would advise you call newegg back and speak to another rep that is more knowledgeable with the tracking system. It could have been shipped to you then returned to shipper.

I've been buying from newegg and amazon for over 10 years. They are both very good companies and I had no issues with any RMA or shipping.

So no, newegg didn't scam you and they are pretty picky about 3rd party vendors they allow on the site so I doubt the 3rd party tried to purposely scam you. Anything could have happened in between shipping, like the delivery person stole the package before it was delivered and he marked it delivered so people would think it was stolen off your front door step, or it was actually stolen from your front door step... that is a very common problem nowadays which is why I required signature on all my packages and have security cams outside my house...

Also newegg offers package protection for a few dollars more when you go to check out. When purchasing expensive equipment I would always obtain the protection... no matter what site you are using.

Also if all this is going no where with anyone. You can already just summit a claim with your bank to stop\refund your payment.

Also. Video card are jacked up in prices no matter where you go. All the med to high end range cards are being picked up by those bitcoin miners and manufactures aren't able to keep with with supply and demand. So again, not a newegg issue...
I understand your frustration since I ordered every piece of my current rig from newegg 5 months ago. I was worried something like this will happen, so I picked ship to FedEx option. I am happy I picked that so nobody is going to steal it or claim they have delivered but did not. Keep calling Newegg and ask for manager, they should be able to help you. Worst scenario is waiting for gpu to come back to stock and reorder. Make sure order from Newegg instead of 3rd party.

What confuses me is the delivery. Newegg doesn't have control over UPS or other delivery service. I know UPS and FED EX both leave a note if the package wasn't delivered and normally try 3 times before they send the package back to the sender. On the day you saw that it was delivered my first call would have been with those that delivered it. It's not like Newegg can call the service and tell them to return it. The FTC wouldn't take to kindly to that.If it was a 3rd party seller that used USPS I would have talked with them immediately as well. There's some time and steps missing from your explanation.