Discussion Newegg will not let me return my Gigabyte PSU 750

Aug 25, 2021
Supposedly, Newegg will not let me return my Gigabyte PSU which is S/N 20333G020710. When I spoke to the customer service rep in the chat I was speechless on what he told me, see the screenshots below:
Can someone provide some insight?



This is not surprising. Steve from media outlet Gamers Nexus has mentioned he has gotten many complaints about customers not being able to return P-GM units.

If you were to contact him he might be able to use some leverage to get them to allow you to return your unit.


Well you are correct 20243<20333<20453. The rep is an idiot and/or been told to deny all returns.
My reply to "I am sorry, but I am sure your item is not qualified to return" would have been to the tune of "and I am sure that you can't count".
Newegg will not let me return my Gigabyte PSU which is S/N 20333G020710
if you have a ticket open with them tell them it needs to be elevated to a higher tier support agent or manager.
showing them the discrepancy in what was stated vs what your actual serial number is should get this rolling.

if they refuse then i would be concerned that this is some bs by Gigabyte.
there should be a special Return Policy linked on the item's product page at Newegg if so.

i've heard nothing good about Gigabyte in the last year+ but possibly contacting their support and explaining the situation could get them involved in fixing your Newegg fiasco.