Question Newer generation motherboard with an older generation CPU


Aug 7, 2016
Hello, the quick question is: If I have a processor which is from the 7th generation, which I believe is an i5 7400, 1151 socket, do i need a motherboard that's also from the 7th generation or can I get any other motherboard from the newer generations, like from the 9th or 10th generation with the same socket?

I've been having some issues with my computer. It sometimes starts up normally and goes to the bios as expected but sometimes it just doesn't display anything and I need to hold the power button for like 8 seconds for it to turn off instead of the almost instant power off when I reach the bios screen. And this happens randomly, for example, yesterday I did everything I could to make the screen turn on, tested everything, and nothing worked, I left it as it was and today I tried to turn it on again and it worked. There is a single bent pin between the motherboard and processor which might be the issue.

Well, I took my computer to some IT guy to see if he could figure out the problem but he couldn't. He then said that I could get a new motherboard to fix the issue since the pins are attached to the motherboard and not the processor, he then said that since I have a 7th gen processor and mobo, I need to get a 7th gen mobo otherwise it won't work, even though the socket is compatible. Is this true? Or was he just trying to sell me one of his older motherboards when I could get a newer one? Also if anyone has an idea of what's happening with my computer and how to fix it, I'd be thankful, I've tried almost anything BUT fixing the bent pin.

Do mind that this is a used computer from a friend and the problems started when the HD stopped working properly because it was loose. I then opened up the computer to clean it and I believe a piece of dust fell into the processor pins when I went to closed it down because when I checked it again there was a particle of dust and a bent pin, I fcked up lol

Specs: i5 7400, asus h110m-cs, gigabyte geforce 1050ti, 2x 8gb ddr4 at around 2666MHz i believe?
You need a LGA 1151 motherboard.
There are no generations when it comes to motherboards, there are chipset's
For example your existing mobo is h110 chipest.
I think he was just trying to sell you his motherboard. A bent pin can indeed cause your issues. Some often examples of a broken pin can be "everything works perfectly, but my pc wont display", "my usb ports dont work", etc..