Newly activated windows 10, can't detect graphics card

Sep 6, 2018
Hi, i'm having serious issues with my graphics card.
For the past year when i got this computer, it came installed with windows 10 and a scratch off sticker to put the key in to activate windows 10. The sticker was scratched too hard by a friend of mine and the numbers were unreadable, however everything worked perfectly fine aside from a minor message in the bottom right that said activate windows. All this to say, I come back to my computer the other day to find i'm stuck in the asus bios settings with no way out without a proper OS.
After trying everything I decided to buy windows 10 (technically again) and got the disc and ran it, everything is starting to go well. I have to restart everything, no problem I have everything saved where it needs to be. My second monitor won't turn on, I check the usual settings and nothing, so I go to my device manager and check the display adapters, it seems my computer isn't detecting my nvidia gtx 1060 3gb graphics card because after all my efforts, all it reads are the windows replacement "microsoft basic display adapter" for both.
I've done a lot of reading and trying different things out, and i'm not the most tech savvy but I have a couple good friends that know computers better than I do and they are out of ideas as well. I'm most worried that it somehow died even though it's only a little over a year old, no problems until now. The fan is on, the lights are on, i made sure it was in place. A friend of mine told me I might have somehow charged it when I was checking my computer when I first encountered the bios issue. Extremely slim chance but maybe?... Any help would be nice as I love my computer and use it daily but would hate to get a whole new graphics card.
Hm.... "Microsoft basic display adapter" would suggest to me there are no drivers installed. So perhaps a clean installation of drivers may help.

Also, in Device Manager, try 'show hidden devices' to see if there's anything there. At the very least the PC should see a piece of attached hardware even if it doesn't know what it is.