Question Newly built computer, only new parts, fans work, keyboard flashes very briefly but otherwise no response

Oct 7, 2021

I've just built my first computer, with the following components:

Cabinet: Cooler Master Masterbox 520 ARGB
CPU: AMD AM4 Ryzen 5 5600G
Power: Corsair CV650 Dual EPS 650W PSU
GPU: ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3060 V2 Gaming OC
Memory and disk: don't remember, but they are about a year old and work perfectly in my old computer

Apart from memory and disk everything is brand new.

I mounted everything together, being careful with e.g. getting the CPU and cooler right, and plugging all the cables where they should be. Finally turned the thing on, the fans started running, various colourful leds inside the cabinet came on, and the leds on the keyboard (connected to USB on the main board) flashed very briefly (about a tenth of a second), but apart from that, everything seemed dead. No signal to the monitor (tried all the ports on the GPU, as well as both HDMI and DVI on the motherboard), no power to the keyboard it seemed (apart from the initial flash, so no respons when I e.g. hit Caps lock or Num lock), and no beep or other sounds (apart from the fans buzzing, obviously).

I tried disconnecting RAM, disk, GPU etc, ending up with just power supply connected to motherboard, fans and CPU, but it was still exactly the same.

So now I've basically given up, I have no idea where to go from here. From what I've read it might be the PSU, I suppose I could try with my old PSU, but as I said all the components are brand new. Is it common for Corsair PSUs to be faulty out of the packaging?

Apart from PSU, do you have any other suggestions?


What is the memory?
Do you know the motherboard has the proper BIOS?

I'd power down.
I would remove the GPU to eliminate that as the problem as you have integrated graphics.
Try one stick at a time in DIMM B2.

Also....eventually you need to do a clean Windows install.
You can't use that old drive with the old OS that's on it.