Question Newly built Computer stopped sensing one memory stick, won't boot, reinstalled windows, and now the screen goes black when attempting to reinstall

May 3, 2020
Hey all facing some issues with my computer not booting.

My specs are:

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Graphics Card: MSI AMD 5700 XT
MOBO: Msi B450I Gaming Plus AC Mobo
Power Supply: Evga SuperNova 650W GM, 80 plus gold
Memory: Patriot Viper Steel 16GB 4000 Mhz Cl 19 b-die ram

For a run down of the issues:
  1. Was rendering videos when I notice in task manager that only one of the 8 gb of ram is being detected (I have 2x 8 gb sticks). I shut down the computer properly and then attempt to reboot computer with only 1 stick at a time.
  2. I reboot with 1 stick and it reboots and gives me an overclocking failure so I attempt to reset my ram back to defaults in the bios. Call this working stick of ram (RAM 1). So i assume the other stick may be fried?
  3. Attempt to reboot with the "fried" stick (RAM 2), computer turns on but screen stays black. Can't go to BiOS at all. Also the VGA light on the mobo is stuck lit up. I use a MSI B450i AC Gaming Plus board with Ryzen 5 3600.
  4. Then attempt to go back to using (RAM 1), the working ram stick), and boot up again. Screen stays black and can't go into bios. All the fans and lights are still on.
  5. Attempt to reset the CMOS by shorting it out and removing battery. No luck.
  6. Go to a friend's place and test my ram on his computer. The computer boots and senses both sticks of ram. We also run a memtest on the ram and no issues are found.
  7. I need the files on my nvme ssd and I try and put it into my friend's computer. The friend's computer doesn't turn on even when we have another ssd being used as the boot drive and not mine. Put my nvme ssd as a secondary drive into another computer my friend owns, now I can boot up that computer and pull the files off of it.
  8. Now back to my computer, I put my nvme 1 tb ssd back into mine with a different set of ram. The computer boots up and says the BIOS has been reset. However when I try to boot up past the bios, the screen goes black but the pc remains on.
  9. I attempt to reinstall windows from a usb drive. During the set up of a clean install of windows, (part where you select language, keyboard layout, country, login to microsoft account etc), the screen goes black and the pc remains on. None of the debug lights are on in the mobo.
Now, I'm stuck here and cannot get past this clean install of windows. I don't think it is a ram issue nor a GPU issue since it was able to reach the windows set up screen. Any ideas on how to fix this or what the issue may be? Thank you all!
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