[SOLVED] Newly built computer will not boot no matter what I try

Dec 9, 2018
Today I just finished building my first pc and I got it to turn on, the fans started spinning and everything seems to be working fine. when I went to plug it in to install windows, no monitor in my entire house would say it detected an input. I plugged it into my smart tv and it knows something is plugged in but it just won’t show anything.
specs: ryzen 2600
No gpu yet
16gb gskillz ripjaws ram
Kingston 128gb ssd
1tb western digital hard drive

I’m really at a huge loss now because I’ve been working on this for hours. I even went to Best Buy to buy a new dvi cable so I know it’s not that. literally everything is plugged in correctly, I just don’t know why it won’t turn on
You need a dedicated GU because that processor doesn't have integrated one. From whole Ryzen lineup only processors with "G" have it. For now those are 2200g, 2400g, 200g and of course APU processors but they are not real Ryzen but based om old APUs just modified for AM4 socket.