Question Newly Built computer wont boot to windows no matter what


Aug 25, 2017
CPU: i5 2400
MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte ga-h61-ds2
RAM: 2x8gb ddr3
GPU: Gtx 970
SSD: Crucial mx300 275gb and a silicon power A55 256gb
Recently i built a cheap computer out of parts i had lying around, I've had nothing but problems with it. When i had first booted it all seemed well everything shown up in the bios (No gpu, or drives at this time). then i put it in the case and properly built it and when i tried installing windows off a usb stick that i know works because i used it a day before on a computer. Although when i tried booting to the usb it stays on a black screen with ONLY a blue windows logo in the middle. Nothing happens from this point onwards. I then tried taking it out of the case and only put in what was necessary and took out one ram stick and tried again, it did the same thing. Although in between my tries it will boot loop 1-3 times before actually booting or just have a infinite cycle of boot loops OR not even power on what so ever. Until i disconnect all power for a while. The gpu which i know works also doesnt have display out from hdmi or dvi when plugged into the h61 syestem, so i just use the onboard vga. I then thought to download windows on the crucial drive on a known working system and windows booted and it worked fine on that computer, so i then took the drive and tried to boot from it on the h61 syestem and the only thing that comes up is preparing automatic repair and nothing happens from then onwards. I have also updated the bios, swapped ram sticks multiple times, cleared cmos and completely built and rebuilt the computer multiple times.
Please help! i have no more ideas and i have no idea what to do! Thank you so much