Newly built gaming pc, fans not spinning, power button flashing.

Sep 4, 2018
I recently bought all the hardware for a new pc almost costing £1000. But it isn’t working.
When I hit the switch of the power supply on, the RGB fan lights turn on but they don’t actually spin.
Also I don’t even have to press the power button to turn everything on, as soon as I flip the switch this happens.
Lastly, there is also no display on monitors.
Specs are:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700x
GPU: gtx 1070 zotac
Motherboard: ASROCK x370 pro4
CPU COOLER: Arctic freezer pro7
PSU: EVGA 500w
Case: Cit g force gaming case
Memory: 16GB viper 3000mhz
HDD: 1TB seagate
SSD: 120gb Kingston
Try testing the board outside the case, only CPU and CPU cooler installed, both 24 and 8 pin power cables connected. No other wires, or components. Start the board by shortly touching with a screwdriver the 2 pins on the board corresponding to the power switch. See fi the CPU fan does spin.