Newly built gaming pc with great wifi connectivity and terrible internet.

Sep 9, 2018
Just built my first gaming pc and my internet connection is awful.
I wanted to use wifi so i installed a wifi card.
I get 3-4 bars of connectivity but my internet is super slow and laggy.
I wanted to use my pc for gaming but I cant even watch youtube.
My specs are
MSI z370 gaming pro carbon motherboard.
EVGA geforce gtx 1070ti sc graphics card.
tp-link archer t63 ac1300 wifi card.
windows 10 home 64 operating system.
intel core i7 8700k processor.
motorola mg7540 modem/router combo.
G.Skill NS Series 8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400
I've read different forums with suggestions for similar problems.
I turned off p2p updating in windows 10.
I set my connection to a metered connection in my wifi settiings.
I put my wifi card in different ports.
I installed the newest driver from tplinks site
Nothing worked
My pc bios upon start up said my cpu was running 24 degrees celsius. Idk if using the internet would spike up the temp or not and cause it to lag.
My old outdated laptop and phone both using wifi get drastically better internet while having equal connectivity as my gaming pc in the same location.
My router is the next room over on the same floor in my little apartment.There is just a closet in the way and thats why i didnt want to use ethernet.
My wifi card says its 802.11ac and my router is 802.11n.
From what I understand 802.11ac is reverse compatable with 802.11n.
Can some please help me?
I just paid a lot of money for whats equating to a brick and I kinda want to karate chop it.
First you must realize there is a difference between signal bars..and signal quality. Think about it this way you put 2 radios in your room and set them on different stations. Both can be very loud but not very useful.

On wifi you can have strong signal but also have a strong source of interference.

802.11n is a subset of 802.11ac so it is compatible. The router you say you have also says it is 802.11ac but it doesn't matter.

Try to force your machine to connect to the 2.4g radio and the 5g radio and see if one is better than the other. Your other devices may not be connecting to the same radio as your pc is....especially if they are older and only support 2.4g
Sep 9, 2018

if its not the network connection itself is it possible that i put something together wrong? I am new to all this with a moderate understanding of it. However idk how the internet would work at all if i assembled something wrong
Sep 9, 2018
i can connect my gaming pc to 5g wifi and i get a status of unstable speed that jumps all over the place and 2 bars of signal quality.
Still i cant even use youtube with out strong lag and poor image quality.
on my laptop that doesnt even recognize 5g wifi (probably because its several years old) i get a steady 58.0 mbps 5 bar signal and the internet works much better.
my laptop is on my desk and my much higher spec pc is on the ground next to it maybe a foot and a half apart.
can that distance make such a big change?