Question Newly Built Gaming PC- Worked now it doesnt (Motherboard or PSU?)


Sep 23, 2017
So last night my friend who has never built a gaming PC before built one with my help (we live in different states and I was just on Discord walking him through everything), we got it all working on the first try. When I got off last night, he was just downloading all of his games and stuff. Anyways I get on in the morning to find out that he forgot to take the plastic off of his GPU and so he removed it to peel the plastic off, plugged it back in and now the PC will turn on but not POST.

He presses the power button and the lights come on, everything spins up like it should but his peripherals dont turn on nor does he get a signal onto his monitor. I told him to recheck the recheck the connections on his motherboard. Didnt work.


-Powers on but no signal to display

-Yellow light coming on MOBO that was not before

-He has the Corsair RGB RAM and one stick is now not as bright as the other when he does have two in

-No beeping from the MOBO

I told him to try the other RAM slots, didnt work. I told him then to try just using one stick of RAM and nothing happened. I then told him to try swapping the remaining stick out for the other, and still nothing happened.

I am really at a loss as to what he could have done from just taking out the GPU and putting it back in and getting what seems like a PSU or Motherboard related issue. Everything seemed just fine last night. Ive never had this issue troubleshooting a computer before, but if anyone has had similar experiences or knows something please let me know so we can get his computer up and running again. Thanks!


-Ryzen 5 2600x

-RTX 2060 EVGA SC Super

-Corsair Vengeance RGB 16GB (8x2) 3200 RAM

-ASUS ROG B450-F Motherboard

-Corsair Semi Modular 650 cx Power Supply

Jun 22, 2019
Yellow is RAM on a ASUS ROG B450-F Motherboard, I had the exact same problem with a 2700x, fans running, no beeps, no display on one caused by one pin in the MoBo socket being down. I was unable to get it back up so I had to change it. Might be worth checking the chip is sitting right amd taking a picture of the CPU socket with flash on, if there is one blackhole then that could be the problem. Maybe a mate has some other matching RAM sticks he could put in to check. Hope all works out as I know the frustration of a new build that won't work.